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Because Self-Love Isn't Always Easy
Haley wrote, "I haven’t shared a postpartum shot in awhile. To be honest I have sort of been feeling like a fraud. Embracing my postpartum body is a kind of back and forth mind game. There’s no doubt I’m proud of my stripes, proud of what my body brought into this world. But I can’t lie and say I’m thrilled about the fact that I will likely look a good five months pregnant for the rest of my life due to my pretty severe diastisis recti. So while there are certain parts of my body that I can fully embrace, there are other parts that still bring up feelings of insecurity. I just felt like I should let you all know this, that my journey to loving this postpartum body is not a walk in the park. It’s a jog at a steep incline with random plateaus. Baby steps, guys."