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Because We Are Enough

The Jas Effect posted:

"As I write this I literally have tears in my eyes....A year ago I would not have dared to share this imperfect put myself in an uncomfortable place regardless of how much I loved this captured moment in time. It represents another stage of growth for me & for my ego that once fueled me. I was initially hesitant to post this because of how the skin on my belly looked but to not post it would, for me, be telling myself I love you...except right here & that’s not my truth. Even through my journey of self love there are often setbacks and hesitations I still have to force myself to overcome. The journey of self love isn’t just a weeks worth of affirmations, losing a few pounds, or a day of self care. It’s about the private battle you have everyday to quiet that little voice that tells you that you aren’t worthy till you look a certain way or dress a certain way or act a certain way or be this kind of woman or SnapBack like this mom or be successful like this person....SO I want you to know, just as I tell myself & the ladies around me that 'I am enough, I have always been enough, & I will always be enough.'"