Because Confidence Is Beautiful
Linde Haskins posted:

"So much focus is right HERE after we give birth. 'Bouncing back' — as if anyone’s bouncing anywhere after giving birth — usually entails a vision of what we want these two square feet of flesh and skin and muscle look like after our child comes out of the womb. Yes, I thought about it too. This is me a little while ago at almost 6 months postpartum. Not the same as before pregnancy by any means. I wondered about this phase a LOT...what my post baby body would look like. I committed to making CONFIDENCE my goal above and beyond any 6-pack. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll take the abs if they come — but the underlying feeling I think we all desire post-partum is to feel confident in our own skin. That looks different for every mother. Every body’s journey is its own. It’s ok to love your body AND it’s okay to desire to work hard to discover the strength you had before, or to seek after new levels of strength and fitness. We can hold both in tension. But if fitness is what you desire, beyond any body composition goal, go after strength inside and out at the level that brings you confidence. Find a place where you believe you are fully YOU, healthy and whole, and be unstoppable as you go after that. Because dear friend, there is nothing sexier than a woman confident in her own skin.

So perhaps as there is a fixation on what it looks like inside this little box, grace comes when you remember what miracle occurred here. A beautiful, joyful, raw, animal, gritty battle was staged, waged and victoriously won. Underneath the stretch marks, the c section scar, the looser skin, LIFE was born. And inside that same little box, your heart now beats as a wildly and radically forever changed woman. THIS is #postpartum. So many emotions and desires and dreams all entangled together. It’s your own journey. Love it, embrace it, fight for it, be vulnerable with it, find that space between tenacity and tenderness as you press on towards your goals. Guard your heart against comparison, put the blinders on, and run your race. You’ve earned this."