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Because Our Bodies Are Our Story
Linde Haskins posted:

"'Everything has changed, and yet, I am more me than I have ever been.' So honored to be part of the Postpartum Bodies project in Northern California!

Behind every birth is a POWERFUL story. Each journey, each body, with all of its scars, is beautiful because it bears witness to the ferocious battle a mama fought to bring her baby into the world. Each one deserves to be heard, celebrated and honored.

These images are our story: a baby after miscarriage, our little rainbow. Intense healing after intense hurt. A home birth. A breech birth. 260 days of pregnancy that led to a beautiful son, perfect in every way. Love; so new yet familiar, intense and open as if I wear it as skin. Tenacity and grit and softness and tenderness. It shows 9 months of self-care, exercise and eating to nourish and grow life, and 5 months of working hard to pursue new goals of strength and energy. It’s so much more than skin, muscle, and bones. It is LIFE, in its purest and rawest form. This is motherhood. The tears and the joy. The space for so much grace.

Mamas, PLEASE KNOW how mighty you are! May we embrace our own stories as unique and powerful, and celebrate them for the marvel they are. No more shame. No guilt. Acceptance and pride and belief, all steps forward to growing into more of the beautiful mom you were created to be - physically, emotionally, spiritually. And for my friends still contending for their miracle as we did for ours: I stand in prayer with you for your promise fulfilled!"