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If there's one thing 2018 taught us, it's that the concept of "wellness" is more than just a fad. Many would go so far as to consider it a necessity, not a luxury, and we'd be inclined to agree with them. And while some of the items on this list have gained traction as hugely popular trends this year, it's clear enough that investing in environmentally friendly product packaging and opting to forgo plastic are full-on lifestyle changes that will continue to spread. 

That isn't to say, however, that some of these beauty and wellness trends aren't considered luxurious: Reiki energy-infused facials, anyone? Watch us climb aboard the spiritual skincare bandwagon, people. There's no shame in that game. Keep reading for some of the most popular beauty, health, and wellness trends we're predicting will extend from this year into 2019 and beyond.