Primetime Fashion: Bachelor Recap Episode Two

Primetime Fashion: Bachelor Recap Episode Two

Primetime Fashion: Bachelor Recap Episode TwoThe second installment of Ben’s televised true love hunt saw his unfortunate group daters gamely step into the roles of Gingerbread Man, Donkey, Weasel, Dragon and Hippy for a Sonoma Community Theater production in his honor. But it was LA-based bachelorette Courtney who played the role of the wicked witch in disguise in this episode—and she got the best lines too. (StyleBistro’s favorite was her cackling taunt to Kacie B. as the innocent all-American baton twirler read out Courtney’s name on the second one-one-one date invite? “How’d that taste coming out of your mouth?” she hissed not once, but twice. Where’s that baton when you need it, eh Kacie?)

Despite her unbecoming gloating, it was Courtney who stole the show in the fashion stakes, with her “off duty” model (SHE IS A MODEL LEST ANYONE FAIL TO MENTION IT IN THE LAST MINUTE) day-to-night looks.

Primetime Fashion: Bachelor Recap Episode TwoLook One: A faded men’s western-style denim shirt unbuttoned down to there to give the girls’ their due, paired with white hotpant cutoffs. On her feet: brown mid-calf nouveau cowgirl boots—the ones that dip in a V in the front and back to emphasize those shapely calves—perfect for stomping on still-beating hearts wilderness hikes in the Redwoods with Ben! Even Ben’s implausibly adorable dog Scotch was powerless to resist. Or was his howling an attempt to warn the Bachelor of his maiden’s hidden mean streak?

Cut to nighttime and a romantic stroll through the vineyard for Look Two; Courtney has slipped
Primetime Fashion: Bachelor Recap Episode Twointo something more moonlight-compatible—a loose-knit silver sweater—both oversized and fitted in all the right places for that “oops my shirt just slipped off my shoulder” effect. Said voodoo sweater was thrown over a black tanktop and paired with a billowy purple scarf, denim skinnies and brown ankle boots. The transformation from Tommy Hilfiger ad to Santa Fe Artist Colony Chic in an hour was impressive. Well played you terrifying female specimen you.

Primetime Fashion: Bachelor Recap Episode TwoAt the opposite end of the fashion spectrum, uber-confident maneater Blakely may have been supremely assured about her lip-locking aptitude (“I absolutely believe in my kissing skills 100%” she assured us), but she came up short in the styling stakes—thanks mostly to a disconcertingly tight romper that appeared to have been modified from a kid’s railroad conductor costume. It was confusing. Almost as confusing as when the soon-to-be-dismissed Jenna attempted to explain her perpetually unhinged status to Ben: “I’m not a girl if that makes any sense.” Oh honey, it doesn’t.