Primetime Fashion: Bachelor Recap, Episode One

Primetime Fashion: Bachelor Recap, Episode One (
If there was one moment on the season premiere of the latest Bachelor series that best summed up the brand as a whole, it was in the opening “still ahead” montage when Jenna, the New York based blogger who writes under the name “The Overanalyst” (pause to let the full perfection of that sink in) bemoaned the unfortunate first impression she made on a fellow competitor. “Why does she hate me out of nowhere?” she wailed. To which her attendant comforter replied, “Because that’s what girls do.” Cut to Bachelor Ben, pounding out a heartfelt rendition of David Gray’s “This Year’s Love.” (Remember David Gray? The denim on denim, head-shaking guy?)

Primetime Fashion: Bachelor Recap, Episode One But back to Jenna: Her first day with everyone’s new favorite male specimen wasn’t her best, what with misquoting Bachelor Ben to his face, and proceeding to out herself as “the crazy one” by obsessively re-editing every interaction within the show’s opening five minutes and subsequently locking herself in the bathroom. Oh Jenna, just ask your archrival Monica, being the ambiguous sexual orientation one is so much better than being the crazy one.

The good news is Jenna did win in the fashion Primetime Fashion: Bachelor Recap, Episode One stakes, even besting model Courtney (the odds-on bet for the girl in the house who “doesn’t understand why she has guyfriends but no girlfriends”) by sporting a mini ivory sequined J.Crew cocktail number (no longer available) just the right side of disco, accessorized with on-trend jangly gold bracelets and a delightfully natural wavy coif.

Primetime Fashion: Bachelor Recap, Episode One Oh, that
Jenna’s fellow ladies-in-waiting had painstakingly pondered their ensembles as she must have—pacing in her bedroom at night, tweeting pictures of herself to LinkedIn connections while modeling various ensembles, returning, then repurchasing items. But then we wouldn’t have been treated to such excitement as Girl-with-the-Drazon-Sized Hat, Miss Pacific Palisades’ pageant best and the myriad southern prom dresses on display. And, as you know, that’s all part of the journey.