School Lunch Ideas (Other Than Sandwiches)

20 school lunch ideas (other than sandwiches) that you and your kids can all be happy about!

It can be really hard to keep packed lunches interesting, especially when you have no idea what to pack. Fear not! We have compiled 20 fun and healthy alternatives to the usual PB&J sandwich for a full month of school lunches:

Lunch Idea 1: Lunch Kabobs

Every kid loves food on a stick, so why not use their favorite fruits or deli meats and cheeses to make popsicle stick lunch-sized kabobs

Lunch Idea 2: Submarine Sammy Lunch

This super cute and easy twist on the everyday submarine sammy is guaranteed to make your kid smile.

Lunch Idea 3: I Love You Bento Box

Using tupperware and silicone cupcake liners, you can create this super cute 'I love you' bento box with your kid's favorite healthy lunchtime snacks. 

Lunch Idea 4: Mini Tacos

Here's a fun lunch idea that doesn't involve sandwiches!  Make Tuesday lunches extra exciting with Mini Taco Tuesday.

Lunch Idea 5: Apple Sammys

Pack your kids a sandwich with a twist using thick apple slices instead of bread and their favorite sandwich fillers.

Lunch Idea 6: PB&J Sushi Rolls

Turn every kid's favorite sammy into a lunchtime treat when you make PB&J sushi rolls and include chop sticks for a little extra fun!

Lunch Idea 7: Sprinkled Sammys

Your kid is going to be the star of lunchtime with a sprinkled cut-out sandwich! Use a cookie cutter and sprinkles on any sandwich spread for a fun lunchbox surprise.

Lunch Idea 8: Apple Wraps

Trade out the sandwich bread for apple slices when you make ham or turkey and cheese apple wrap slices.

Lunch Idea 9: PB&J Banana Burritos

Mini banana burritos are quick, easy and a kiddy-crowd favorite. Just spread some PB&J on a wheat tortilla and roll it around a banana, cut into 3 pieces and pack.

Lunch Idea 10: Lunchtime Lasagna Roll-Ups

Make lasagna lunchtime friendly with these quick and easy lasagna roll-ups. Send a small container of sauce for dipping and you're all set!

Lunch Idea 11: Pepperoni Pizza Quesadillas

These pepperoni pizza quesadillas are the perfect "make-the-night-before" lunch because what kid doesn't love day-old pizza? Pack with a red sauce for dipping.

Lunch Idea 12: Turkey and Cheese Roll-Ups

Create these quick and easy turkey roll-ups with your kid's favorite deli meat and cheese combo. Add lettuce or tomato to spruce it up.

Lunch Idea 13: Banana Dogs

Send your kids to school with a super fun and delicious banana dog. Just spread some peanut butter in a hotdog bun and top a banana with jelly, honey or Nutella.

Lunch Idea 14: Homemade Uncrustables

Why buy them when you can make them at home? This quick and easy recipe for homemade uncrustables is a fresh way to make your kids favorite crust-less sandwiches without all the preservatives.

Lunch Idea 15: Baked Corn Dogs

Send your kids to school with a healthy twist on a fair food favorite, baked corn dogs. Pack baked beans or cole slaw for the full effect.

Lunch Idea 16: Creamy Carrot Pinwheels

These creamy and crunchy carrot pinwheels are a breeze to put together and your kids will love them!

Lunch Idea 17: Caterpillar Chicken Tortilla Wraps

Ready for a Pinterest-worth school lunch idea?  This adorable caterpillar chicken tortilla wrap is sure to make your kids smile.

Lunch Idea 18: Angry Bird Bagels

Salami, cheese and olives are all you need to recreate these fun Angry Birds bagels.

Lunch Idea 19: Pretzel Sammys + Dipped Pretzels

Keep snacking interesting with pretzel sammys and dipped pretzels. Fill or dip with your kids favorites and pack, it's that easy!

Lunch Idea 20: Christmas-Themed Lunchbox

Surprise your kids with a Christmas-themed lunchbox filled with Grinch fruit skewers and a Frosty the Snowman sandwich. Garnish with red and green peppers if your kids are into it.

Do you have other fun school lunch ideas other than traditional sandwiches?  Please share in the comments, and enjoy your lunch!

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