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If you follow health in any capacity, you've undoubtedly been inundated with information about the importance of healing your gut. Pretty much everywhere you turn, a new study is linking gut health to overall well-being, from ending chronic illnesses to overcoming anxiety, depression, and other mental disorders. Even seemingly smaller concerns, like bloating and the appearance of our skin have been connected back to how well our bodies are processing what we eat.

While this is exciting news, it can be overwhelming to figure out how to change our diets to promote better digestion. After all, probiotics alone aren't going to fix everything. Our wider diet comes into play if we truly want to heal our bodies and it isn't always easy to give up those foods that stand in the way of a strong gut. 

Instead of fixating on what we can't have, it's helpful to start by adding in foods that encourage a healthy intestinal biome. After all, it's the good bacteria we need to shift our guts back in the right direction. The healthier we eat, the easier it becomes to transform our overall habits and crowd out those foods that aren't helping. 

Ready for some tummy-friendly recipes? We've got you covered.