Tina and Amy's Golden Globes Three-Way

Tina and Amy's Golden Globes Three-Way(Photos: Getty Images North America)

We'll admit that more than a small part of us held out hope that Tina Fey and Amy Poehler weren't joking when they told Matt Lauer that they would attempt 50 costume changes throughout the course of the evening—including mid-joke—at last night's Golden Globes ceremony. "Some say it can't be done," Fey told Lauer pre-show, with trademark Liz Lemon mock gravity. Not us! we may or may not have yelled at our television screens while reaching for the nachos.

In fact, Hollywood's hottest hosting duo indulged us with a demure half-dozen looks between them, designed by Carolina Herrera (on Fey) and Stella McCartney (on Poehler). But not to worry: there is still plenty of award show frockage to discuss.

Below, we've broken down the hosts' selections, awarding movie-themed names to each ensemble, and rating the paired offerings according to our highly scientific sartorial measurements.

Tina and Amy's Golden Globes Three-Way
Photos: Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America
On the Red Carpet: Tina Fey in Tina, Carolina, Barcelona vs. Amy Poehler in Naked Guns
Wow Factor: High. Fey's floral printed jacquard gown had a matador-goes-couture sensibility, with a high-volume silhouette that showed confidence. (Olé!) Meanwhile, Poehler's sleek column silhouette with bonus cutouts and assymetrical neckline flattered while also pushing the fashion envelope.
Meh Factor: From certain angles Fey's dress had a "wallpaper in a B&B" sensibility, but we could also argue that as a plus.
Highlight: Poehler's arm cuff—so noughties Angelina Jolie made fresh again.
In Two Words: Nailed it.

Tina and Amy's Golden Globes Three-Way
(Photos: Getty Images North America)
The Show Opening: Tina Fey in Maroonstruck vs. Amy Poehler in Don't Teal Mom the Babysitter's Dead
Wow Factor: Low, despite the sparkle. It just felt a little '90s in a too-literal way, from the color palette (maroon and teal), to the crystal embellishment, to the necklines (modest v-neck and sporty halter). 
Meh Factor: Pretty meh all around, like Brenda and Kelly's friendship on Beverly Hills 90210.
Highlight: The lace side panels on Poehler's gown.
In Four Words: Bedazzled, but not dazzling.

Tina and Amy's Golden Globes Three-Way
Photos: Getty Images North America
The Victory Lap: Tina Fey in The Scarlet Better vs. Amy Poehler in Black is the Warmest Color
Wow Factor: Medium. Fey played the Old Hollywood card, proving she was unafraid to embrace a bustle (no easy task with a few drinks under your belt—as we know from personal experience—but we digress). Poehler's gown was more understated but striking nonetheless; the elegant streak of ivory edging made us swoon.
Meh Factor: One could allege that, while classically beautiful, both gowns had a touch of the beauty pageant to them. 
Highlight: The diamonds, of course: Fey's Cartier necklace and Poehler's tiered chandelier earrings.
In a Word: Classy.