Current Obsession: Kinara's Red Carpet Facial Kit

Current Obsession: Kinara's Red Carpet Facial Kit(Source: Kinara)

As we type these words, Hollywood's A-listers are primping and prepping for this Sunday's Academy Awards, and one place many of them visit to ensure they put their best face forward on the big night is Los Angeles spa Kinara. Founder Olga Lorencin's facials are so popular among the awards-show circle (Halle Berry came in for one the day before the Oscars last year) that she created the Red Carpet Facial Kit to help her bold-faced clients who don't have time to come in for a treatment—as well as us regular folks across the country—get the same glowing results at home.

The kit contains a peel, neutralizer, mask, plastic bowl and application brush, plus instructions for the three-step process printed on an adorable red envelope (and the winner for best complexion is...). Since smooth-skinned stars such as Emily Blunt and Viola Davis use the ready-made version, we were eager to give it a go. Read on for our totally honest assessment.

Current Obsession: Kinara's Red Carpet Facial Kit(Source: Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images North America, Bauer Griffin)Wash your face as you normally would, then squirt a teaspoon of the peel into the provided bowl and use the included brush to paint the lactic-and-malic-acid mixture all over your face and neck. Let it sit for a few minutes as you rinse your tools with water and repeat the process with the neutralizer, which you'll layer over the peel. 

A word of warning: there is nothing neutral about this sodium-bicarbonate solution, which fizzes and burns the second it interacts with the peel and, according to the spa, effectively "steam cleans your pores." You'll turn red, feel hot and wonder if this is what childbirth feels like but on your face. Rest assured this is all totally normal. 

After enduring 60 seconds of this reaction (which feels like an eternity), rub a damp washcloth over your visage before rinsing it with lukewarm water and patting it dry. Slather on a thick layer of the soothing mineral mask and try to relax for 15 minutes as it sets. Any worries you may have had about potentially having just lit your face on fire will wash away along with the mask when you rinse. 

Incredibly, your complexion will not only return to its normal color, it will also appear smoother, brighter and feel firmer, as if you just had a face lift. Our grandmother did tell us early on: sometimes it hurts to be beautiful. 

The Kinara Red Carpet Facial Kit costs $145 and can be purchased here.

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