Not Alone
"When I was 8 we moved into this house that seemed like it had been constructed in the early-mid 1900s, it was pretty run down. We heard footsteps all the time, my mom claimed to have seen some animal with red eyes in the cellar that was unconnected but under the house. There was this little cubby with a loveseat and some drawers and cabinets that we found out were just stuffed with obituaries going back decades. My sister woke us up one night saying that she saw a little girl on the overhang outside of our room. We shared a bunk bed upstairs and every night we would shut this little closet and every morning it would be open. We tried moving our toy chest in front of it and that night we were woken up at 3 or 4 am by a loud crash and our toy chest tipped over with the closet door open. We would also hear footsteps on the stairs late into the evening." — ChildOfTheSoul