Going Gaga for Gap's New Look

Going Gaga for Gap's New Look(Source: Gap)Truly, the last thing we need in our lives right now is another chambray shirt. And yet, here we are ogling a new crop of styles from Gap's spring collection. The latest iterations are acid-washed, striped, and sleeveless—and proof of new creative director Rebekka Bay’s fresh, laidback influence on the iconic brand.
Going Gaga for Gap's New Look
(Source: Gap; 1969 Floral Denim Shirt, $59.95, 1969 Always Skinny Skimmer Jeans, $69.95, Printed Canvas Oxfords, $69.95; 1969 Acid Wash Chambray Shirt, $69.95, Floral Drawstring Henley Dress, $59.95)
Of course, perfectly washed-out button-downs aren't the only covetable pieces in the batch. Bay, formerly the designer of H&M's COS line, breathes new life into Gap's most tried-and-true staples. Denim jackets are shrunken and chic; shirtdresses are printed with muted floral prints; khakis are slouchy and rolled at the ankle (and about a billion times cooler than the flat-front chinos we collected from the store circa 1997).
Going Gaga for Gap's New Look(Source: Gap; Shiny Bomber Jacket, $98; 1969 Denim Jacket, $69.95)The retailer has struggled with something of an identity crisis in recent years, and we'll admit it hasn't been a mainstay on our shopping rounds since our mall-rat days. But one look at Bay's perfectly distressed boyfriend jean shorts and just-right bomber jackets, and it's clear the Gap has found a promising design talent (and that we've found our new go-to source for weekend wear). 
Going Gaga for Gap's New Look(Source: Gap; 1969 Destructed Sexy Boyfriend Denim Short, $49.95; Piped Broken-In Straight Khakis, $49.95)