Weekend Beauty Dare: Try An Infused Beauty Water

Weekend Beauty Dare: Try An Infused Beauty Water(Source: ThinkStock; Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)Fight your skin woes from the inside out. This weekend we challenge you to take your beauty routine one step further and start combatting aging and acne with more than just creams and masks. LA-based lifestyle and event expert April Luca shared with us the importance of treating your skin to some TLC through infused "beauty" water.

"Infused water hydrates from the inside, thereby making your skin appear more luminous while decreasing the look of fine lines and wrinkles," she says. Give your skin that extra little glow this weekend with Luca's ginger, mint, and lemon-infused water recipe, below.

Ginger, Mint & Lemon Water

One to two liters of filtered water (depending on how strong you want the water)
Part of one ginger root
Part of one lemon
Handful of fresh mint leaves (approximately 12 to 15)

Ice cubes (optional)

Prep ingredients by washing all produce, slicing the ginger root and lemon, and removing the lemon rind. Fill a jug or pitcher with desired amount of filtered water. Add the ginger and lemon to the water. Squeeze a bit of the lemon juice into the water to add extra flavor, if desired. (Also, lemon juice can decrease the occurrence of blackheads when applied topically, so wipe a bit of lemon juice on your blackhead zone for double the results!) Add in a handful of fresh mint leaves. Cover the jug and let the mixture sit at least two hours (if not overnight) in the fridge to let the flavors infuse properly. (Tip: don't add ice to the entire mixture after infusing because it can dilute the flavor.)

Ginger boosts the immune system, has antioxidants, and improves the absorption and assimilation of essential nutrients in the body. Lemons help stimulate and regulate the digestive tract, have antibacterial properties, and have been shown to aid in the digestion of fats. Finally, mint leaves add a refreshing flavor, along with helping digestion in the liver.

In between your Sunday brunch and evening face mask, why not add a little infused "beauty" water to the mix.
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