Beauty Hacks: Five Unusual Ways to Use Hairspray

Beauty Hacks: Five Unusual Ways to Use Hairspray(Source: Thinkstock)

Hairpsray is the ultimate tool for styling, sticking, and volumizing strands, but who would've thought the product is equally as helpful outside of mane matters? When you get creative, hairspray can be a source of quick daily solutions, from shoe shining to stain removal. 

1. Prevent Runs
There's nothing quite as disappointing as when you're putting on tights, pantyhose, or stockings and realize there's a run in them. Prevent the tear from expanding by spritzing hairspray on the affected area. The spray strengthens and stiffens thread so that the existing rip stays put. 

2. Remove stains
If your hairspray is alcohol-based, it can get rid of tough stains such as lipstick and ink. Just spritz the affected area fully, allowing it to sit for several minutes, then blot it with a paper towel. The mark should come right off and works especially well on polyester items.

3. Repel Bugs
Combat household critters with hairspray—a spritz will stop flying insects in their tracks. The wings get weighed down by the solution, which also makes it difficult for bugs to take off in air. Good as Raid!

4. Shine Shoes
After polishing shoes, spray a coat of hairspsray to maintain its shine. The sticking quality of hairspray promises long lasting results.

5. Dry Nails Quicker
No need to wait so long for newly manicured nails to dry. A dose of hairspray on your digits will speed up the process so you can use your hands freely within two minutes. Plus, the spray also leaves a shiny coat.

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