From Roma Boots, With Love

From Roma Boots, With Love(Courtesy: Roma Boots) If you're looking for a stylish and loving way to combat those April showers––whether the rain on your parade happens to be literal or figurative––philanthropic company Roma Boots has the footwear you crave to warm both your feet and your heart. For every pair of Roma Boots sold ($89), a brand new pair (along with school supplies) is donated to a child in need. After all, Roma spelled backwards is amor, or love.

As for the boots themselves, your tootsies will stay cozy in a brightly colored pair of stylish Roma rain boots, available in seven shades. Made from durable, all-natural rubber, their interiors feature quick-dry cotton lining, and super comfortable, multi-layered cushioned insoles.

From Roma Boots, With Love(Courtesy: Roma Boots) The company's mission to help impoverished children is an authentic one. Born in Romania (where he, too, wore hand-me-down rain boots), Roma's founder Samuel Bistrian moved to the U.S. when he was eight years old in search of a better life. Today, he is thus inspired to build a compassionate business model that gives back to the underprivileged children in his own home country, and around the world.

As such, Roma also donates ten percent of sales to the Roma Boots Foundation, a non-profit organization that helps provide books, school supplies, and education that aims to break kids out of the cycle of poverty. The company also has a partnership with World Vision. So let it rain!

From Roma Boots, With Love(Courtesy: Roma Boots)