Weekend Deal: 25 Percent Off at Splendid

Weekend Deal: 25 Percent Off at Splendid(Source: Splendid; 'Always' Maxi Dress, $118; Cashmere Blend Sweater, $138, and 'Montecito' French Terry Pants, $128)It doesn't take much to get us excited: a long holiday weekend, a scoop of ice cream, a sale on some of our favorite breezy basics—any one of these will do the trick. Combine all of them, however, and we're jumping for joy (okay, sometimes all it takes is the sugar to elicit that reaction).

This Memorial Day weekend, Splendid is not only offering 25 percent off online and in-store purchases, the cherry on top is that they're giving away free—yes, no purchase necessary—Coolhaus ice cream sandwiches. Weekend Deal: 25 Percent Off at Splendid(Source: Splendid; Clockwise: 'Saharan' Stripe Loose Knit, $88; V-Neck Jumpsuit, $128; Dolphin Short, $78)Before we delve into the delectable designs Splendid currently has to offer, one more note about the dessert: these are gourmet goodies in fun flavors such as salted caramel, baked apple and dirty mint. While the sale runs through the end of the long weekend on Monday, May 26, the tasty treats will only be offered on Saturday, June 24, starting at 1pm at any of its retail locations

Now, back to the fashion: The Los Angeles-based brand boasts trendy, high-quality basics that are inherently comfortable, thanks to super-soft fabrics, and flattering, due to the draped silhouettes. You can start browsing the sale now by clicking here, and if you simply can't wait to get your hands on the cool confections, use promo code "MEMORIALDAY" during checkout. And, as always, the site also offers free shipping and returns. Happy holiday weekend!
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