The Best Clothing-Swap Sites

The Best Clothing-Swap Sites(Source: all have those random items in our wardrobes that we have no idea what to do with. Maybe it’s an angora sweater with rhinestone buttons or a pair of designer pants you found on super sale that will under no circumstances fit. Whatever the reason, there’s a solution—and it doesn’t involve schlepping 30 bags across town.

Online clothing-swap sites take the pain out of selling your old clothes. And what better incentive to snap a few photos and ship a few boxes than the promise of new treasures? Below, a few of our favorites:

Bib + Tuck
This glossy and easy-to-navigate site accepts clothing, shoes, and accessories in good condition that are somewhat on-trend (sorry, Ed Hardy off-loaders) and of good quality (no Forever 21, Target, or Old Navy here). Items sold are exchanged for virtual currency called "Bib bucks”, which you can then use to purchase other items on the site. If you’re ever in love with a sweater but haven’t earned enough bucks yet, it can be purchased with real, hard dinero. Whenever you sell an item, Bib + Tuck will provide a shipping label via email, which you then use to send away your wardrobe cast-offs. (Buyers cover the $9 or $12 fee.) The site is full of designer goodies from the likes of Mulberry and Reformation, but filled out by brands including ASOS and Free People. Best of all? Refunds are accepted.

If Pinterest, Instagram, and Etsy had an offspring, it would be this site. Sellers snap photos of their wares, add a filter if using the app, and arrange photos in a sort of virtual closet. Users can search through sellers’ online wardrobes like they might on Etsy, first finding them through Poshmark Showrooms, and then sticking around to peruse whole collections. Prices tend to be pretty low—a simple olive parka runs anywhere from $7 to upwards of $80—and brands skew toward the affordable. If you know what you’re looking for, there’s a good chance it’s here, but like on Etsy, you’ll have to dig if you don’t use strong keywords. Last time we visited, we found brands such as Zara, Max Studio, and J.Crew mixed in with Herve Leger and Forever21. Buyers cover the cost of shipping, and sellers score cold hard cash. 

Material Wrld
For the designer-obsessed looking to offload last year’s impulse buys, Material Wrld is heaven-sent. The site works like an online consignment store, although only for clothes. Items from top-tier designers no more than three years old can be sold to the site. If your clothing meets the requirements (this is the sort of place where Dolce & Gabbana, not D&G, is accepted), off you send your wares to the Material Wrld headquarters. Within a few days, you’ll get an email from the company with an “offer” for your goods. Should you accept, you get to choose from a number of gift cards from chichi retailers such as Bloomingdales, Saks Fifth Avenue, or Shopbop. But if you’re not down with the exchange, you can always decline. If you’re the sort of person who's too fabulous to deal with brick-and-mortar consignment shops, Material Wrld offers a swift and painless alternative. 

Any designer or vintage item you want to sell is vetted by the staff, assuring shoppers a great buying experience and sellers the likelihood of success. Snap a few pics, upload to the site, and when/if it sells, you can choose to use the credit to swap for other items on the site or cash out. Like other comparable sites, Refashioner emails sellers a prepaid mailing label whenever an item is purchased. Some serious finds were online last time we checked, including a vintage Yves Saint Laurent jumpsuit for $135, a $99 pink organza tea dress from the 1930s, and a pair of white silky Chanel pants for $155.