Best Online Eyewear Sites

Best Online Eyewear Sites(Source: BonLook; Dylan glasses, $99)See you later, LensCrafters. Hello, chic online eyewear boutiques. Trendy, budget-friendly eye-candy is all the rage, thanks to an expanding marketplace of sites that replicate the trial experience through a range of options, whether it’s having multiple pairs delivered to your door risk free or uploading a headshot that lets you try on frames virtually. 

1. Collins Bridge
This Florida-based boutique, steered by three visionary siblings, offers customers the chance to test out five self-selected frames ($98) at once—and return shipping is free. We have a soft spot for the iconic Miami-inspired names, such as the Wynwood, the Lincoln and the Biltmore.

Best Online Eyewear Sites
(Source: Eyebobs
With a sharp focus on high-quality reading glasses, this quirky shop proves there’s nothing stodgy about farsightedness. Founder Julie Allinson left her job as the president of a children’s clothing company to start Eyebobs when she began seeing blurry in 2001. The men's and women’s collections ($75–$99), aimed at the creative class, are accentuated with unusual touches such as velvet trims and bamboo temples.

3. BonLook
Glasses ($49–$99) are given the accessories treatment at this charming site, where you’ll choose from stylish frames such as the Selfie ($99), a pair of sleek cateye specs, or the Free Spirit sunglasses ($49), all angled and aviator-inspired. Then opt for a virtual try-on before sending them your prescription—they can even call your eye doc for you!—and pupil distance measurement, which they provide an online ruler for.

Best Online Eyewear Sites
(Source:; Eyefly
For every pair of glasses purchased, this squeaky-clean company gives one away to someone in need. The exhaustive selection ($94)—categorized by color, width and material—is named after a series of famous international streets, including Abbey Road and Via Condotti, among others. Although you can give the frames a whirl on the web, stay tuned for an at-home trial service, which the company promises to roll out soon.

5. Tortoise & Blonde
This edgy, New Jersey-based brand's contemporary frames ($97) fuse classic design with modern construction—we’re partial to the rivet-studded Jermyn, one of its unisex choices, which describes itself as “sensibly luxurious.” The higher-end Made in Italy collection ($137) is totally worth the mini splurge.