How Joyus Is Changing the Way We Shop With Videos

How Joyus Is Changing the Way We Shop With Videos(Courtesy: Joyus)Online shopping can be an emotional roller coaster. There’s the moment you fall in love (with a garment, for instance), the fear that it might not be available in your size, and the curiosity of whether or not there’s something better suited for you elsewhere. Adding it to your cart is easy, but the moment of truth—the payment tab—forces you to decide if you’re really ready to take that leap of faith.

Even though e-commerce is now available practically everywhere, at times we still face the hesitation of committing to merchandise we can’t try on or test out. While many e-tailers are offering updated features, such as 360-degree views and customer feedback, a lack of reassurance remains.

That's a gap Joyus intends to bridge with its innovative approach to shopping online. The website only features products tested out by its panel of experts, and each are presented in an informative video clip. Case in point:
(Courtesy: Joyus)Joyus's video-heavy model boasts a nostalgia for late-night infomercials—with a tech-savvy makeover, of course. Products are organized by categories, including fashion, beauty, and health, and social interaction plays a huge role in the site's success.

Visitors are able to inquire about products via Facebook posts, which the experts will respond to directly. Join the shopping movement by exploring the tried-and-true e-tailer here.
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