How To Navigate Etsy For Jewelry

How To Navigate Etsy For Jewelry(Source: Star Trek-inspired baubles to eco-friendly silver, Etsy is a virtual treasure trove of jewelry. Sifting through the blingosphere can get overwhelming, though, so we spoke to Emily Bidwell, Etsy’s merchandising manager, who shared some helpful tips on how to scour the site for goodies. “The biggest general misconception people have when they are shopping for jewelry is that you have to spend a lot to get something truly special,” she says. “Etsy is a fantastic place to find unique pieces, like engagement rings in all shades for under $900."

1. Become Search Savvy
“Type in tag words that describe your style,” says Bidwell. “If you aren't sure, try one of these to start: ‘shabby’, ‘geometric,’ ‘statement,’ ‘personalized,’ or ‘modern.’ Experimentation with your search terms can lead to some wonderful discoveries.”

2. Sort It Out
“You can look at jewelry from high to low prices, but you can also set a range, like from $50 to $150,” notes Bidwell. “This should offer you a slice of products that are just right.”

3. Connect With The Seller
“Most items on Etsy are customizable,” reveals Bidwell. “Reach out to sellers to find out about colors, sizes or other preferences. It's a great way to get a relationship started, and sellers are really eager to help you, so communication can be a win-win for everyone.”

How To Navigate Etsy For Jewelry(Source: Refresh Daily
“Click on the Jewelry page from Etsy's homepage to get fresh ideas, and a glimpse of the different types of jewelry available across the site,” adds Bidwell.

5. Get Insider Info
“Subscribe to Etsy Finds,” recommends Bidwell. “Etsy's daily email is a wealth of cool discoveries of every type, but we also always curate a jewelry section, which is sure to inspire.”