Udaya Brings the Yoga Studio to Your Living Room

Udaya Brings the Yoga Studio to Your Living Room(Source: Udaya) If you love to get your Downward Dogs in but don't always have the time or inspiration to make it to the studio, why not bring the country's top instructors and venues right to you through the magic of the Internet? That's where Udaya comes in. For $12 a month, you can subscribe to the service for unlimited access to all of its HD yoga content. (If you're not ready to commit, no worries—on-demand access is also available for $5 per video.)

With participating studios such as Power Yoga East and Yoga Soup, coveted classes include Just Breathe with Caley Alyssa, Simple Mindfulness Meditation with Vytas Baskauskas, and Brave and Balanced with Alyssa Ablan, to name but a few.

What's cool is that Udaya not only distributes but also produces most of the content, so you can be sure that not only will your Vinyasas be top-notch, but so will the production values and consistency between classes sourced from various studios. Udaya's commitment to using professional camera crews and various angles also helps you with your practice because you can see the postures from different angles and make sure your own technique is correct––and growing deeper with time.

With five new classes a week, an online store, and a community of support, Udaya offers a great, convenient way to yoga, or to deepen your current practice even if you've been a yogi for years. Call it yoga to go.

Udaya Brings the Yoga Studio to Your Living Room(Source: Udaya)