New Workout Trend: Fly Away With Aerial Yoga

New Workout Trend: Fly Away With Aerial Yoga
(Source: OM Factory NYC)Flying, anyone? Beginner and die-hard yogis alike know how useful props like blocks and straps can be in safely modifying postures to suit your unique body––and to stretch, bend, and twist even further in all the right places. Aerial Yoga takes this concept taken to new heights (no pun intended) by bringing acrobatics into the mix!  

Here's how it works: a soft fabric harness or hammock supports your body weight so you can quite literally "fly" your way into various poses and sequences that include both yoga postures and aerial acrobatic moves. Whether you opt for a vigorous or restorative practise, your body and mind will reap the benefits––and it's fun, too.

As this hot workout trend spreads, many studios across the country, including Om Factory NYC, Unnata®, and AntiGravity Fitness (to name but a few) are offering classes in this fun, invigorating, and graceful workout. So take flight––and get fit.

New Workout Trend: Fly Away With Aerial Yoga(Source: OM Factory NYC)