Dry Body Brushing Basics

Dry Body Brushing Basics(Source: Marko Beric, Hemera/ Thinkstock)You brush your hair and your teeth, but how about your body? From shedding dead skin cells and boosting circulation to stimulating nerve endings and just feeling awesome, dry body brushing is a highly beneficial spa treatment you can easily enjoy at home. Here's a crash course in body brushing basics:

1) Basically, you use a brush to massage the surface of your skin when it's dry, "brushing" the skin (like you brush your hair). So before you shower and moisturize (because showering will rinse off the toxins and dead skin cells released by the brushing and left on the skin), treat yourself to a dry body brushing session. Detox, anyone?

2) Dry brushing promotes lymphatic drainage. That's why it's important to move the brush in the same direction in which lymphatic fluid flows: towards the heart. But when you do your back, start at the neck and brush downwards. And obviously, be extra gentle on sensitive areas and never brush sores or wounds of any kind!

3) So what's the best brushing technique? Start at the ankles and then brush (gently, mind you) in circular motions, moving up as explained.

It just takes a few minutes to invest in glowing, healthier skin. So get yourself a body brush––we like this Cactus Body Shop number ($9)––and start brushing.

Dry Body Brushing Basics(Source: The Body Shop)