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Resolutions You Should Stop Making, And What You Should Do Instead

Make Money → Make A Difference
"Have you ever set a financial goal for the year ahead? I have. My biggest takeaway is that at the end of the day, many of us don’t have too much control over our paycheck. A few years ago, I decided to shift completely away from the idea of making money. Instead I put more of my attention into making a difference within my community and on my team. Some questions I asked myself that helped are: Does what I have to offer actually help people? Do any of my team members feel overloaded and need extra support? How can I use my talents and skills to contribute to organizations and nonprofits in meaningful way? Making this shift is an ongoing practice for me. While I definitely don’t have it figured out, it has taken the pressure off to perform and given me more freedom. It’s also helped me uncover more joy in the grind of the everyday."