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If anyone knows how to make a statement both on, and off, the red carpet, it's Rihanna. This Barbadian singer has always been fearless with her fashion choices, and is never afraid to mix it up. She also knows how to keep us guessing, because all of her outfits have been completely fresh and unpredictable.

Rihanna is able to take pieces of clothing that may look bizarre on the hanger and transform them into something you wish you wore yourself. Remember that colorful Comme des Garcons dress (along with her matching fuchsia eye makeup) she wore to the Met Gala in 2017? Yeah, this girl isn't afraid to go big and bold. And while they're all noteworthy, some are certainly more shocking than others. That's why we ranked 35 of her most over-the-top, outrageous outfits, so you can take a look back at which were most memorable for you. The list goes from least to most outrageous, so get reading and let the anticipation build. 

Check out 35 of Rihanna's most outrageous outfits, ranked. Which one is your #1?