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Vintage Photos That Prove These Royals Look Exactly Like Their Parents

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When it comes to royals, it's no surprise a number of duchesses, princes, and princesses look just like their parents. Whether they were born a royal or became one by marriage, royals like Kate Middleton, Lady Amelia Windsor, and Prince Carl of Sweden all share striking similarities with their mothers and fathers. 

Vintage photos of royal parents, in particular, compared with recent photos of their children make it hard to tell the difference between the two. A retro photo of Princess Caroline, for example, proves her daughter, Monegasque royal Charlotte Casiraghi, looks just like her. Another look-alike mother-daughter duo? Princess Anne and Zara Tindall! From their face shape to their smile, you'll definitely do a double take when you see a side-by-side of the royals.

Uncanny resemblances aside, these royals also share similar qualities with their parents. Just like her mom, Queen Silvia, Princess Victoria of Sweden values the importance of giving back. In 1999, Queen Silvia founded The World Childhood Foundation, safeguarding the right of a child to a safe and loving childhood. And in 2016, Princess Victoria was one of 16 advocates appointed by the United Nations to promote the Sustainable Development Goals. Talk about inspiring! 

Ahead, see side-by-side comparisons of royals who look just like their parents.