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Royals You Should Follow On Instagram

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March 8, 2020 - Getty Images Europe more pics like this »
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Harry and Meghan shocked the world by debuting their own Instagram account, splitting off from sharing the Kensington Royal handle with William and Kate. While some have speculated this is further evidence of a feud between the couples, we think the move is simply to prepare the world for their next big debut — that of baby Sussex. 

Regardless, we've loved getting a glimpse into their world with never before seen photos taken by the Duke of Sussex, a peak at causes they are passionate about, and a celebration of their love. And of course, we can't wait for the growing family to post baby photos! 

But, if the Sussex Royal account isn't satisfying your royal fever, don't worry! We've collected a list of accounts from around the world which reveal that royals are just like us... and sometimes not.

Read on for an Instagram peek into the lavish life of royalty.