To Drink: The Bungalow

To Drink: The Bungalow(Courtesy of Tiffany Rose)Hollywood may be home to the Chateau Marmont – L.A.’s iconic castle of debauchery and respite for privacy-hungry creative types and celebrities – but Santa Monica has The Bungalow. A relative newcomer in comparison, the indoor/outdoor lounge is comfortably situated steps from the shore on the sprawling grounds of the Fairmont Miramar hotel and is well on its way to becoming a legendary haunt for locals and in-the-know tourists. The intricately decorated space is broken up into rooms to resemble an idyllic beach house, which means an evening spent here is akin to a groovy house party, rather than a stuffy bar outing.

To Drink: The Bungalow                                              (Photo courtesy of Tiffany Rose)Whatever you do, don’t let the décor and close proximity to the beach fool you: The space is the brainchild of nightlife visionary, Brent Bolthouse, ergo, the vibe is upscale and requires that patrons dress accordingly. Maneuvering the deck in spiked heels calls for some serious acrobatics (lest you wish to find yourself in a not-so-graceful face-plant), so sticking to wedges is highly recommended. Plus, you’ll be grateful for the extra stability when face-to-face with a round-the-block line – a common sight around these parts on most evenings.

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