To Play: EightyTwo

To Play: EightyTwo(Courtesy of Alen Lin)Though L.A.’s thriving club scene is a night owl’s dream.  For those with a more retro approach to going out, the Arts District’s arcade/watering hole hybrid, EightyTwo, is the undisputed winner. The industrial space — packed with 40-plus classic video games and pinball machines — is the grown-up answer to your favorite childhood hangout thanks to a massive bar and its impressive drink offerings. Here, serious gaming fanatics and amateurs alike get to play and imbibe to their heart’s content in a relaxed, no-frills environment.

To Play: EightyTwo                                             (Courtesy of Alen Lin)On weekend days, the sun-drenched outdoor courtyard makes for an idyllic spot to settle in for hours of leisurely day drinking with pals. The laid-back vibe extends straight into the night, taking on a surprisingly romantic air thanks to the machines’ neon glow and nostalgia-inducing sounds, resulting in the perfect ambiance for an impromptu date night. And unlike most establishments catering to the after-dark crowd, cocktail dresses and ankle-breaking kicks are not mandatory, which in turn means patrons can take liberties with their wardrobe choices — looks range from the effortlessly semi-dressed-up to neatly casual.

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