7. What to Pack for a Cruise: Sandals + Wedges
When packing shoes for a cruise, forget the 'number of days' rule for packing clothes because you definitely do not need a different pair of shoes for each day you are aboard. You really only need a couple pairs of sandals or flip-flops and a pair of sneakers (if you plan on working out or walking around when you dock on land) and you're covered. If - and only if - you are attending one of the previously mentioned upscale dinners and refuse to wear flats, I recommend packing a pair of wedges and that is it in the heel department! Cruises are supposed to be low-key and laid back vacations, there is absolutely no need to be strutting around a ship in 5-inch stilettos, you will be overdressed and look ridiculous so just leave them at home and make some more room in your suitcase for essentials.