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Secrets to Raising Confident Girls in a #TimesUp World

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The night Trump was elected I cried myself to sleep. I was pregnant with my second daughter and couldn't believe she'd be born in a world where a man who bragged about grabbing women by the you-know-what was president. 

Flash forward a little over a year, and I'm filled with a genuine pride about raising two little girls during this tumultuous time. What's changed? Well, not the president, or politics, or much of the outside world, but I have and so have millions of other women in our country.

From the women's marches to inspiring grassroot movements, we're speaking up for ourselves and teaching our daughters to do the same. Even so, change doesn't come all at once, and shifting the tides of society requires action in many arenas, including in the ways we raise our daughters. 

So, what can we do to ensure our girls grow into powerful women? I'm still working to figure this out, but here are some strategies I hope will help.