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Secrets to Spicing up Your Love Life as Parents

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We get it. You have a couple kids and suddenly your day is way more full than it ever was before. By the time all the little people are asleep and the dishes are done, you're ready to hit the hay.

Forget intimacy or even time together on the couch, parenting is tiring work and often our partners are last on our "to-do" list, pun intended. While this is totally normal, it's definitely not the recipe for a lasting relationship.

Now don't freak out. We're not saying you're destined for break-up if you haven't given your partner any attention lately. However, years of this kind of neglect wasn't in your vows. So, take a moment to brainstorm how to make things exciting again and then get to work on reigniting the romance. And, really, if you're doing it right, you should both be in store for some serious fun.