Shaun Robinson Trades Trends for Flattering Classics

By Chloe Harris Frankeny on
Shaun Robinson (Getty Images) Any woman over 30 remembers the day she finally dumped her fill-in-the-blank trend pieces—harem pants, bandage dresses, bubble skirts, onesies—in favor of more classic silhouettes to flatter both her maturing figure and state of mind. At the unbelievable age of 49, the ever-radiant Shaun (skincare secrets here) says, when it comes to fashion, fit comes first:"I'm not keen on trends. I used to be that way, like, well okay if it's "in" then I have to have it. I...Read Full Story

Expert Opinion: Shaun Robinson's Best Dressed Celebs

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(Getty Images) Shaun Robinson As host of Access Hollywood, Shaun Robinson has met every celebrity imaginable and witnessed some of the most glamorous events in the world. For all the years she's spent covering the red carpet at events, she's also somewhat of an expert when it comes to celebrity style. When we sat down to chat with Shaun, we grilled her on which celebs she considered to be best dressed. She rattled off some of the classics including Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez, Eva Longoria...Read Full Story

Exclusive Interview: Shaun Robinson, StyleBistro Celebrity Guest Editor

By Chloe Harris Frankeny on
Access Hollywood anchor Shaun Robinson (Getty Images) If anyone knows their way around a red carpet it's Shaun Robinson, a 10-year Access Hollywood veteran and four-time Oscar red carpet hostess who has interviewed everyone from Jennifer Aniston to Oprah. Shaun is easily recognizable by her genuine smile and perfect skin—her mom and grandma were Beauty Control consultants!—but she is best known for her message: You are beautiful exactly as you are.In 2009, Shaun published her manifesto...Read Full Story