Daily Deal: Exclusive Discount at Rock Refinery

Daily Deal: Exclusive Discount at Rock Refinery(Courtesy: Rock Refinery; Signorelli GNR Tee, $64; Chaser Sorcery Sweatshirt, $78; Hearts & Hips Beater Tank, $8)Elizabeth Naimi-Yazdi, a free-spirit who traveled extensively for work, and Brigitte Esmaili, who's more of a wild child with her goth get-ups, dreamt of a place where they could find all the fashion their eclectic hearts desired. They united, setting up an online boutique to bring their indie-punk vision to life.

Rock Refinery is their one-stop shop that promotes edgy expression (evident in both the fashion and language splashed across the site). The selection encompasses familiar brands such as Steve Madden and Frankie B., as well as uncharted, up-and-coming labels. The offbeat e-tailer is currently offering StyleBistro readers an exclusive promotion: 15 percent off all purchases. Now through the end of the month, dare to break the rules with the rebellious apparel and footwear, and don't forget to use promo code “RockBistro” during checkout.
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