eBay's New Valet App Makes Selling Even Easier

New eBay Valet App Makes Selling Even Easier(Source: eBay Valet App, Thinkstock) If you, like some of us here at StyleBistro, have just completed a major closet cleaning, you're no doubt knee deep in heaps of gorgeous pieces for which you have no use. Or maybe you're gearing up for a move and, while packing up your home, encountered tons of beautiful gear to which it's time to bid a fond adieu.

Whatever the case, selling your extra stuff on eBay has never been simpler with the site's new app: eBay Valet. Now available on iOS, the app puts you in direct contact with eBay experts who take care of business while you attend to whatever else you have on your agenda. We're talking everything involved in selling your stuff for you, from estimating the price to taking professional pictures and even making it super easy to ship your items to buyers.

So how does this easy-breezy app work, you may wonder? Simple. There are three steps:

First, you price your item by snapping a photo of it and getting an estimated quote from the experts. Then, you use the free shipping labels and box sent to you to pop your piece in the mail. The final step is the most fun: you cash out, meaning that about three weeks after your item has been received by its new owner, you collect 70 percent of the sale price.

Sounds like another great reason to make "out with the old, in with the new" our philosophy this summer. Happy selling!

New eBay Valet App Makes Selling Even Easier