Found: The Absolute Cutest Holiday Party Flats

Found: The Absolute Cutest Holiday Party FlatsHoliday party season calls for you to get decked out in your favorite froufrou frocks and luxe overcoats, but when you're hopping from one fete to the next, those sexy strappy stilettos go from cute to caustic in just a few hours. Why not opt for a pair of fancy flats as your new go-to dancing shoes instead?

That's where Very Lovely Soles comes in. With a stylish abundance of crystals on the top and the elastic trim, their metallic Embellish Slate Flats ($170 at are incredibly comfortable to wear for several hours on end, yet glitzy enough to hang with even the fanciest of high heels when you're cutting a rug out on the dancefloor. Go ahead and pick up a party-perfect pair; trust us—your tired old soles will thank you!