Shopping Trend: Fashion Subscription Sites

Shopping Trend: Fashion Subscription Sites(Source: Satya Twena) Admit it: Getting mail is fun, especially when it’s something for your closet. Now, you can keep that feeling going with fashion subscription sites. Below are a few of our favorites.

For Tights: Pique
Tights are a sartorial lifesaver in the winter, but runs and rips are a bummer. Join Pique and new pairs will be delivered to your door every month. Membership brings lots of perks: Discounted pricing, free domestic shipping, and access to hard-to-find tights that aren’t available in departments stores (many of the brands it carries are from Europe). Choose from two packages: Luxe for $23 per month for up to two items (tights, socks, leggings, or panties) or Deluxe for $44 per month for up to four items (tights, socks, leggings, garter belts, stockings, accessories, stay-ups, or panties).
Shopping Trend: Fashion Subscription Sites(Source: Hiokit Lao/Elizabeth & ClarkeFor Blouses: Elizabeth & Clarke
The white shirt is an eternal classic, but finding the perfect one isn’t always easy. Elizabeth & Clarke solves that problem by creating a collection of classic tees, knits and blouses every season. Four times a year, customers can opt to receive one shirt for $30, two shirts for $50, or three for $60. Domestic shipping is included, and returns and exchanges are free.
Shopping Trend: Fashion Subscription Sites(Source:; Marlee, $79.98; Torrie, $79.98; Tegan, $79.98)For Footwear: ShoeMint
Take a quick, fun quiz when you join ShoeMint to determine your style, and your monthly virtual showroom will be personalized just for you. The free membership starts with your first purchase, and if nothing tickles your fancy one month, you can opt to skip as many times as you’d like. Prices range from $60 to $160, and you can also use credits at any of the sister sites: StyleMint, JewelMint, and IntiMint.

Shopping Trend: Fashion Subscription Sites(Source: Project DIY)
DIY Jewelry: Project DIY
Believe it or not, you can make the above fab necklace and bracelet yourself, thanks to Project DIY. Every month, its jewelry designers create two to three accessories sparked by street style and the runway, and there's always a theme. In the past, topics have ranged from Punk Revival to Joan of Arc to Cold as Ice (pictured above). Members receive all of the materials, step-by-step instructions, and ideas on how to customize each piece for $30 per month. And the pieces are actually pretty easy to make.

Shopping Trend: Fashion Subscription Sites (Source: Ellie; Maria Tank, Riquel Capri; Katy Tee, Amanda Legging)Workout Gear: Ellie
Need a little motivation to hit the gym? Join Ellie's Fit Fashionista Club and you’ll get a new workout outfit once a month. Choose two items—tops and bottoms—for $49.95; new designs are released every 30 days. The line is fashionable but functional, made from fabrics that are breathable, moisture wicking, UV protected, and have four-way stretch.