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We run into these inspirational quotes all the time in our daily lives. “Find your happy.” “Follow your bliss.” “I’m on the pursuit of happiness.” (Thanks to Kid Cudi for that last one.) But how many of us have devoted our passions, what really brings our souls to vibrant life, to seeking out that so-called bliss? To deriving enjoyment from the myriad steps of each and every journey we embark on in our lives? From the little things, the small moments, the breathtaking beauty in our day-to-day?

Whether it’s through exercise, creative pursuits, dancing, travel, and more, happiness –– and the famed pursuit of it –– means something wonderfully, uniquely, and beautifully different for everyone. So whatever “finding your happy” means for you, and however you’d like to go about achieving it, whatever it is you need to do: Go out into the world and do it.

Meanwhile, while you’re gearing yourself up for the big leagues –– here are some simple ways to find that happy in the everyday.