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30 Small Steps Everyone Can Take To Get Their Finances In Order

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You trade your time for your money, but what are you actually spending it on? If you're logging 40 plus hours a week but not seeing your savings grow, then the whole situation might start to fell like a dud deal. Living from paycheck to paycheck isn't fun, and living with debt is even worse. But the answer might not be getting a new job that pays more (though that's always nice.) The answer might be to save smarter and spend less.

There are small, painless steps you can take each month to get your finances in order. They're so simple you might not even notice them. From starting auto-drafts that save a portion of your paycheck directly into your savings account, to signing up to helpful savings apps, or clipping coupons the way your mom used to, you will see your monthly end balance grow more and more.

While buying that cup of coffee each morning is fun, is that money really worth the hours you put in front of the desk? Wouldn't you rather be on a beach in the Bahamas? Well, you could be if you scrimped a little more here and there. Click ahead to see exactly how to do it — and start mentally packing your suitcase. Saving isn't as hard as we thought it was.