6 Reasons Rory and Lane from 'Gilmore Girls' Would Be Great BFFs

If you ever find yourself near Stars Hollow, CT, be sure to look these two besties up.

6 Reasons Rory and Lane from 'Gilmore Girls' Would Be Great BFFs

To try and deny or ignore the colossal effect pop culture has on us would be futile and silly. Pop culture: It's fun! We love it! And it's actually pretty important, too. Representation of yourself, your friends, your family — or people like you/them — is something you want to see in the books, movies, television shows, music, etc. that are supposed to reflect what our society looks like. Art imitates life, life imitates art, and so on. It's an imperfect system, to be sure, one that's constantly evolving and improving (we hope), and it's so important to be vocal when you consume a slice of pop culture that you like (and equally as important to highlight the rotten pieces of the pop culture pie, some of which you're sure to come across).

Something that I'm constantly looking for in my pop culture pie is a filling that includes a hefty helping/representation of female friendship (this pie metaphor is really losing ground, so I'm going to drop it now, mmmkay?). I love my lady friends — they help inform who I am, and so I like to see strong groups or pairs of female friends on TV, in movies, and in books. They can serve as role models, counteract the Hollywood myth that romance = everything, and also help reflect reality. So, in a new feature for Livingly, I'm highlighting a girl gang from pop culture that I'd definitely want to hang with, and what makes them so great. The spotlight will be on a different group/pair each time, so make sure to check back! This week, I'm traveling to Stars Hollow, CT, to celebrate longtime besties Rory Gilmore and Lane Kim from Gilmore Girls.

You could borrow the best books and CDs

Lane and Rory were basically hoarders in their love for books and music. Sure, someone's access to stuff and their willingness to share it isn't necessarily the best reason to be their friend, but it doesn't hurt. And if you love these things too, it's also a basis for BFF bonding.

They'd cover for you, always

Rory was always covering for Lane because of her super strict mother's rules, and Lane did her fair share of covering for Rory, too. That just goes to show that these besties can be counted on in a pinch, which is a top-tier quality in best friends. And not only will they help you evade trouble, they'll actively help you break the rules. Remember when Rory helped Lane dye her hair purple (and then dye it right back to black)?

6 Reasons Rory and Lane from 'Gilmore Girls' Would Be Great BFFs

They'd get excited for you for moments big and small

From Rory's first kiss to Lane's wedding, these girls were genuinely excited for each other when something big (even if it was kind of small in the grand scheme of things) happened to the other one. That's a little something I like to call being a supportive friend.

...And they'd be supportive during the bad times, too

Look, Rory having sex with Dean while he was married wasn't exactly a shining moment in her life, and even her own mother judged her for it. Lane totally stuck by Rory, though, showing us all that sometimes the support needs to come first, and tough love comes later.

Speaking of real talk, they're not afraid to get down to it

When Lane was pregnant and scared, Rory was there for her with some inspiring #RealTalk, proving that these two aren't afraid to get serious when they need it.

6 Reasons Rory and Lane from 'Gilmore Girls' Would Be Great BFFs

They'd be in it for the long haul (and give a killer wedding speech for you)

These two were friends from childhood, and no amount of miles between them or wildly diverging life paths could break their bond. Lane and Rory were in it to win it, wherein winning it is getting to be besties with each other 4eva. Sign me up!

Let's give it up for Rory and Lane, two best friends who know that even though your lives may end up incredibly different from each other's, true friendship can last and thrive through it all. I'd go to a Bangles concert with these girls any day!