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The '90s are without a doubt having a moment right now, and to be honest, we're not the least bit mad about it. Just as each decade came with its own vibe and flair, the '90s made a statement all its own. And while we're happy to see some of the biggest trends making a comeback, we can't help but feel nostalgic about those things from our childhood that were all our own. 

If you were a '90s kid, you know that color and flavor were everything. From Dr. Pepper-flavored Lip Smackers to roll-on body glitter, rainbow butterfly clips and everything Lisa Frank, our childhoods were anything but bland or boring. Not to mention, our snacks! I mean, I'm sure kids these days aren't roughing it, but do they understand the epicness of treats like Dunkaroos and Fruit By The Foot? I think not.

Here are snacks only kids from the '90s will remember. How many of these were you lucky enough to have packed in your lunch?