MYSTERIOUS: Christopher Kane Out at Versus

MYSTERIOUS: Christopher Kane Out at Versus
(ImaxTree) Christopher Kane takes a bow with Donatella Versace at the Versus spring 2013 show

Well, here's a Monday morning mystery: despite issuing a denial this weekend that he will not be joining Balenciaga as creative director, it looks like Christopher Kane and VersusDonatella Versace's secondary line—have parted ways. WWD reports that despite 16.4 percent revenue growth in the past year, the brand is moving towards a seasonless business model with a "strong digital element."

"This is a very exciting development for Versus, and I'm thrilled to be engaged in such a major shake-up of the world's fashion rules," Donatella Versace said. "I want to thank Christopher for his contribution to Versus over six seasons, during which I have been able to appreciate his extraordinary talent... He will always have my total support."

What will Christopher Kane do now? If, indeed, he is not heading to Balenciaga, he will concentrate on his own, eponymous collection.

"I am excited about the new Versus strategy, but the time has come to dedicate all my focus to the future of the Christopher Kane label," he told WWD.

What do you think? This is all very mysterious, isn't it, this flurry of news around a well-loved, but relatively obscure and not-yet-a-household-name Scottish designer. Do you think Christopher Kane is really not going to Balenciaga or is this a whole lot of smoke and mirrors? Sound off in the comments, below!
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