To Shop: Scout

To Shop: Scout(Source: Mieke Zuiderweg)Located in the heart of Andersonville, Scout is as charming as the neighborhood. Many people can’t look at a beat-up chair at a flea market or a random box at a fair and see the potential. Scout is the stylish editor/interior designer you wish you had in your back pocket.
To Shop: Scout                                              (Source of Mieke Zuiderweg)Every piece that makes it into the store has been carefully “scouted” with a tasteful eye. The small storefront is filled with an eclectic mix of handpicked furniture from antique knick-knacks and found objects that will complete a coffee table arrangement, to major items like refinished armoires and dining room tables.  You’ll also find pieces such as one-of-a-kind lamps designed by local artists. The home store operates like a mom-and-pop in that you can let the owner know what you’re in the market for, and he’ll keep an eye out for you. The overall vibe is casual, cool and creative, and it’s become a destination for anyone who’s into style.

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