To Shop: Asrai Garden

To Shop: Asrai Garden(Courtesy of David C. Sampson Photography)Imagine “The Secret Garden” meets “Alice in Wonderland."  This is the magic of Asrai Garden. The whimsical black and white striped awning welcomes you into a world where there’s a story in every nook and cranny. When you walk inside, the glorious scent and assortment of fresh blooms is intoxicating.

As you continue to crawl through the small flower shop in Chicago’s Wicker Park, you’ll discover specialty items such as crystals, artisan jewelry, bird feathers and candles. It’s a great place to go for gifts or to just escape the hustle and bustle of city living.

To Shop: Asrai Garden                                             (Courtesy of David C. Sampson Photography) You’ll often see interesting men and women milling about as the shop’s culture is artsy, unisex and organically hip. The overall feel offers a delicate mix of feminine and masculine. On one end, there’s a sea of colorful, lush flowers; and on the other, there’s a minimalistic feel with natural elements like metals and dark shades dominating. Perhaps that’s what makes this place so intriguing.

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