To Relax: Centennial Park

To Relax: Centennial Park(Courtesy of Metro Parks and Gary Layda)Centennial Park (or Parthenon Park), as its name suggests, was founded in celebration of Tennessee’s Centennial Exposition. As part of the 100-year festivities, an exact replica of the Parthenon was erected and still stands to this day. A trip to Centennial Park is always refreshing, whether you are looking for a spot for a relaxing activity or lounging. 

To Relax: Centennial ParkDuring the summer months, there are frequent crafts fairs, food truck appearances and live music festivals. The gorgeous weather calls for flowy maxi dresses, wedges and woven hats. A straw hat in Nashville is a must – as a fashion statement and for keeping the bright sun off your face.  If catching rays isn't your thing, lay low under the gorgeous oak trees in a fun, Moroccan-printed jumper and oversized sunglasses. Either way, a trip to Centennial Park is not complete without a sighting and visit to the Grilled Cheeserie, which serves the best sandwich in town.
(Courtesy of Metro Parks and Gary Layda) Click here to continue the tour of Nashville.