To Be Entertained: Ryman Auditorium

To Be Entertained: Ryman Auditorium(Courtesy of Ryman Auditorium)Everywhere in Nashville has live music, even the lobby of the Holiday Inn (no joke). While I will take good music wherever I can find it, I especially enjoy shows at Ryman Auditorium.

To Be Entertained: Ryman Auditorium                                              (Photo courtesy of Ryman Auditorium)This auditorium is even more special for all of the history held within its hallowed walls. Originally built as a church and later used as the first home of the Grand Ole Opry, it definitely doesn't lack character. 

The Ryman is a place where two worlds converge: country and rock-n-roll.  The pictures of by-gone stars hanging on the walls are such an inspiration – a unique blend of country and rock legends who have performed at the venue.

The Ryman is a place to let your rocker side show. Catch an evening show in skinny jeans, a crop top with studs and boots good for standin'.

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