To Beautify: Fruition Salon

To Beautify: Fruition Salon(Courtesy of Alyssa Torrech)Fruition Salon is the place to glam up any outfit with the perfect hair. Here in Nashville we like to pair our sundresses, booties and, dare I say it, denim overalls with blowouts, creative braids or slick, straight locks.

To Beautify: Fruition Salon                                               (Courtesy of Alyssa Torrech)It may be a place to get glam, but it's still down-to-earth with a knowledgeable and friendly staff that takes pampering their clients seriously. Looking for a bigger change? Choose one of the many talented stylists to take your hair to new lengths or colors. Why not add some freshly cut, sun-kissed locks to complete your summer wardrobe?

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