To Drink: The Patterson House

To Drink: The Patterson House(Courtesy of The Patterson House)When in Nashville, drinks at The Patterson House are a must. Fitting with its speakeasy vibe, you won’t find a sign outside or more than the address online, but those that are lucky enough to stumble upon this gem are royally rewarded.

To Drink: The Patterson HouseOnce ushered behind the thick, velvet drapes, you find yourself transported to the days when sipping a cocktail was a cherished experience. Each drink is delicately created and served in its own unique glassware with specially paired ice.  You have to see it to believe it. As far as the cocktails go, you’ll definitely want a second, but you should probably just stick with one – they are stronger than you think.

Keeping with the classy ambience, dress up your pretty fit-and-flare dresses and wide-leg trouser jumpsuits with piled-on vintage necklaces and bracelets. You won't be the only thing stylin' – the cocktail menu is a work of art and the bartenders are too.  Plus, your mixologist will most likely know of all the best, hidden hotspots in town.
(Photo Courtesy of The Patterson House)
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