Summer Style in the City: New York

It's no secret: the Big Apple is big on fashion. Follow fashion blogger Lana Jayne as she navigates New York's unique style and shows us some of her favorite hotspots along the way.

(Source: Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)
(Source: Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)

This summer, explore five all-American cities with the fashion influencers who call them home. Experience all that New York has to offer with fashion blogger Lana Jayne.  

New York is the largest city in the nation, and it’s the one that truly embodies the essence America. A proverbial melting pot, the city’s five boroughs are home to 8 million people hailing from every race, religion, nationality and background under the sun. Like its inhabitants who come from all walks of life, street style in the Big Apple is diverse and eclectic. 

Each day, the hordes of people spilling out of the subway turnstiles and pouring out of the high-rise buildings turn New York’s sidewalks into virtual fashion runways. Always there with a pen in hand is blogger Lana Jayne, whose eponymous blog chronicles the latest and greatest fashion trends. Consistently ahead of the curve, Lana doesn’t have to draw inspiration from the glossy pages of fashion magazines, because it’s lurking around every corner in the unrivaled fashion capital of the world.

Lana shows us why New York is the city that never sleeps as she takes us on an exclusive tour of her favorite hotspots—and pay close attention as she gives her best tips on how to achieve the uniquely New York style.


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